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Side Hustles For Teachers & Summer Jobs For Teachers

Teachers have some unique advantages when it comes to creating side hustles. The best side hustles for teachers could simply be summer jobs for teachers! There are a few smart ways to approach it.

The best side hustles for teachers make use of their advantages, namely their time and their areas of expertise. The school years are BUSY for teachers, but a little focus and planning can turn the breaks in the school year into profitable periods of time.

And if you’re lucky enough to work in a school that still has a summer break, bonus points for you. Some of the best side hustles for teachers only take a month or two of concentrated effort to get off the ground and then they’ll provide income all year.

Summer jobs for teachers don’t have to be minimum wage!

Teachers are the best-equipped people in the world to create online courses. OBVIOUSLY.

Creating lesson plans and understanding the learning process are huge advantages when creating content that will be taught online.

Online courses don’t need to be university-level classes on a certain topic.

There are plenty of people in the world who would love to know what you know and they simply have no background or context. There’s the opportunity!

If you don’t believe me, check out the success of the “…For Dummies” books. The publisher (Wiley) knows their audience for these books very well.

The people who buy them are educated and intelligent people who want to learn about a specific topic. They do not consider themselves “dummies” in general, just uneducated on that topic. Wiley has sold millions of those books.

How do you create an online course? Heck, you may already have an online course ready to go!

If you have a course outline (aka lesson plan for the semester), you’ve already done all the heavy lifting.

My favorite platform for creating online courses to make money is Teachable. Teachable has been around for a few years and in the world of online learning platforms, they have the best options for anyone who wants to create an online course.

They have over seven million students, over 34,000 active courses and they have paid over $100M to teachers so far. The setup is easy and you don’t need any technical skills to get started. You can register for free to check it out, so there’s no risk to you.

Real estate

Getting a real estate license and becoming a real estate agent is a fairly popular side hustle for teachers.

In fact, many teachers retire from teaching and become full-time real estate agents once they see how much money they can make!

The first step to becoming a real estate agent is to get a license.

Every state has a different licensing authority, so the rules and process are slightly different in each state. The good news is the pre-licensing courses can be completed online and at your own pace in most states.

This is a great list of recommended real estate licensing schools.

Kindle books

Writing Kindle books is a fabulous way to make some extra money.

Again, teachers have an advantage here because they may already have a few books worth of material in their lesson plans and class notes.

It’s relatively easy to publish a Kindle book. The books don’t need to be full-length novels.

For example, I published a “book” that is essentially a list of 101 items with a little description underneath each one.

It achieved #1 ranking in several different categories. I was very upfront about the fact that the book was not going to win any Pulitzers, and that sort of honesty was well-received. You can see that one here.

I have a few more books in the Kindle store and they provide some nice extra income.

They are all very niche titles, so they don’t sell a ton of copies. I don’t mind because I did the work one time and now I can get paid forever.

Also, the Kindle store is nice because you don’t even need to own a Kindle to make use of it. Both iPhone and Android offer free Kindle apps for their devices.


Tutoring is an obvious side hustle for teachers. You can do this during the school year, over the summer break, or both!

My mother was a math teacher before she retired and she would regularly tutor students who needed a little extra help or wanted to get ahead.

Lyft and Uber

Driving for Lyft and Uber when you’re not teaching is a great way to create some extra income. People like me have no interest in owning cars or driving ever again.

Uber and Lyft make it easy by having a massive network of people who can get me from point A to point B.

This is a good side hustle for teachers because the times of day when people want rides (rush hour and evenings to and from the bars) are outside of the normal teaching hours.

Teachers are typically done with official work at the schools in the mid-afternoons and nights and weekends are fair game. Uber and Lyft can be great sources of extra income for any teacher who is interested in pursuing this route.


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