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Carnivore Diet: Eat More Meat, Mostly Beef


The carnivore way of eating has enormous health benefits for many people. It’s not appropriate to call the carnivore diet a “diet” because the word diet implies that it’s a temporary event. Nobody is searching Google for “carnivore way of eating,” they’re all searching for “carnivore diet.” And sometimes “cavemen diet” or “meat diet.” So here we are. I’m glad you found this post.

Anyone who has embraced this way of eating can tell you there will probably be some social challenges along the way. As it turns out, there are plenty of overweight and unhealthy people LOVE to give advice about diet and nutrition. They’re not being malicious, they simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Every one of us had our “first day” hearing about the carnivore diet / way of eating and I have found it useful to assume most people in the world simply haven’t had their first day yet.

I have the link to this page saved in my Notes app in my phone so I can copy/paste it into a text message or email when I find someone who would like to be educated. It’s a great time-saver for me, so give it a try if you find yourself talking about your food choices on a regular basis.

This is a living page and I’ll continue to add links to carnivore diet articles and related topics as I discover them. I have done my best to organize the links in a coherent format with subjects and headings that should make sense. When in doubt, use the Search bar in the lower right corner of this web page to search for keywords. If you have something to add, please post it in the comments.

A general carnivore overview

90 days on meat

10 year vegan tries meat only for 30 days

A guy tries carnivore for 31 days and reports his experience in detail. Great thread! 

Interview with Shawn Baker M.D. on the Joe Rogan podcast 

First hand account about losing 100 pounds, among other health fixes (ten years ZC)

Seed oils, omega-6 and disease

What happens when patients know more than their doctors?


Just don’t (but I know not everyone will listen to that advice)


Treating Alzheimer’s with fat

Big pharma

Prescribed medication is the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer

Blood sugar drugs and heart attack risk

Brain health

Using food to treat brain inflammation

Eliminating meat in a human diet makes people dumb, and over a long enough timeline that’s a BIG problem. (On a short timeline it’s still a problem, but we think big on this website)


Keto diet instead of chemotherapy

Cancer success

Sugar and carbs seem to be the real culprits with cancer

Breast cancer patient cured herself with low-carb diet

Keto diet starves tumor

More about keto diet and tumors

Keto diet for ovarian or endometrial cancer

Fructose and pancreatic cancer

Treating cancer with meat

Keto diet and cancer

Colon cancer and cholesterol


A list of low-carb studies

Low carb versus low fat

Carbs will kill you

Low carb diets are not a fad (check the publication date!!!)

A cure for diabetes

Bread in the US is poison because of additives that are banned in other countries

There is no need for carbohydrates in a human diet


The cholesterol mistake

Cholesterol is fine

Statins are a joke (still or again?) 

High cholesterol does not cause heart disease

The case for eliminating cholesterol tests at the doctor’s office

Common cholesterol myths debunked

Saturated fat cannot raise cholesterol

You need cholesterol if you want to live a long life

Low cholesterol could kill you

It’s unwise to lower your cholesterol

Adverse effect of statins

Dietary fat does not raise cholesterol 

His cholesterol is high and he doesn’t care. Why? 

Low LDL increases your risk for stroke


Medical science and lies

The sugar industry wants you to blame fat for your problems because they have more sugar to sell you

The drugs your doctor prescribed may not help you at all

Big pharma is organized crime

Doctors who get paid to approve drugs

Monsanto will always prioritize their profits over our health. Always.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:

Cereal manufacturers are nasty people

Check your doctor’s funding sources to see where the bias lies

The “keto crotch” media blitz and some important questions: Who paid the PR firm for all of those media placements? Why would someone pay for all those media placements? Who has the most to lose here? Things that make you go hmmmm.

How the US became the fattest and sickest country in the world (hint: not an accident)


Full fat dairy foods are fine 

Full fat milk could lower risk of heart attacks

Dental health

Old study showing meat eaters have healthy teeth

Before agriculture, human jaws were perfect for human teeth. Now? Not so much.


Reverse type-2 diabetes, lower blood pressure (author is a doctor)

One-third of Americans are screwed unless they make some changes

Reversing type-2 diabetes with diet

British doctors using diet to treat diabetes

Dietary guidelines

Renowned cardiologist says dietary guidelines are bogus


You can’t outrun a bad diet

Fake meat

Frankenburgers contain known carcinogens

Pea protein (ingredient in some fake meat) is causing all sorts of problems for people

Famous people

Mick Jagger

Halle Berry


Low-fat diets can kill you

The (unfair and inaccurate) demonization of saturated fat

Eating fat will not make you fat

Why you should eat more fat

Fat functions as its own organ

Dietary guidelines saying fat should be limited are flawed


Truths and myths about fiber 

Heart health

Carbs cause heart attacks, fat does not

Cardiologist recommending high-fat diet

Meat and cheese prevent heart attacks

Shawn Baker’s CAC test results (September 2018)

Fat, cholesterol and heart disease

Saturated fat doesn’t not clog arteries

Eat the butter, not the bread

Low LDL cholesterol levels may shorten your life (not a typo)

High LDL cholesterol is healthy

An assessment of cardiovascular risk

Factors that contribute to cardiovascular health

US military considers making ketogenic diets mandatory for its soldiers 

Mental health

Eating red meat reduces your risk of depression by half. (Hint: That’s a big number.)


Plants have evolved to protect themselves. This one is close to home for me because I discovered a few years ago that I have serious issues with leafy green vegetables. I love them, but they don’t love me back! They are harmful for MANY people, yet most don’t know it because they’ve never gone a significant amount of time without eating plants. How would you know it’s possible to feel better without eating plants if you’ve never tried to live without them? How do babies thrive on breast milk when breast milk doesn’t contain plants or fiber? Also, plants could make you lose your mind (seriously).

Plants contain lectins and lectins are bad news.

Red meat

Beef is a health food

How we got red meat wrong

Red meat is not the enemy

Scientists are changing their minds about red meat recommendations because science supports eating red meat. You know, like we have been eating for millions of years. Shocking, right? 

The anti-red meat guidelines were always misleading, and now the world is catching up.


The idea that salt causes high blood pressure is from an old, janky study

Salt is not so bad

Sexual attraction

Vegetarian men seen as wimpy by women

Women are more attracted to men who eat meat

Skin cancer and diet

Diet matters for sunburn risk

The link between diet and skin cancer

Success stories, more anecdotal than scientific

Low blood pressure while only eating beef, eggs, cheese and lots of salt

A heart that fixed itself after a heart attack

Eight years with no carbs and no exercise

People who eat pounds of steak every day


About sugar

Sugar industry sponsoring studies much like tobacco companies used to do

Sugar as a cause of disease,amp.html

Sugar and heart disease


Sustainability argument against vegans

Feed seaweed to cows if you’re worried about methane

How meat is the most sustainable option

Eating beef is good for the planet

Cow farts are not causing climate change

Industrial farming may be the end of us

Meat is definitely sustainable, as it always has been

What do cattle mean for sustainability?

The original solar powered, sustainable food

NASA has a few words to say about methane

Vegetarians & Vegans

Parents charged with manslaughter for killing their son via malnourishment on a vegan diet. 

A doctor explains how a vegetarian diet led to his mother’s early death

No evidence of a vegetarian diet leading to a longer life

Plenty of animals die when crops are harvested

Lower health and quality of life for vegetarians versus meat eaters

84% of vegans and vegetarians eventually start eating meat again. Why?

Plant-based diets do not provide all the nutrients humans need to live

Vegetarians have lower sperm counts

Vegetable sensitivities could be making you sick

Vegan toddler has no teeth

Vegan YouTube star ruined her health, in her words

The majority of food borne illnesses come from vegetables

Broccoli has more protein than steak? LOL. Of course not.

Long-term vegetarian diet changes your DNA 

A story about two recovering vegans 

Another recovering vegan story 

Same recovering vegan as above, different source:

Vegetarians are much more likely to be depressed

Natural toxins and anti-nutrients in plants

Vegan propaganda and meat

Vegan diet is NOT recommended for several large groups (if your browser doesn’t translate it, scroll to the bottom for the English version…it’s a Swiss study)–und-nachteile-einer.html

Not all heroes wear capes

Vegans kill animals

Weight loss

Losing weight and keeping it off

Whole grains

Whole grains

Carnivore diet resources

This group is full of great general information and stories about people treating and curing all sorts of long-term illnesses like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, Crohn’s disease, IBS, joint pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. It’s also a fun community!

This one is similar, but only for women. I think it’s similar, anyway. They won’t let me join their club so I have to believe my lady friends when they tell me it’s similar.

Visual support


Do you have any carnivore diet or related articles to add to this list? Or did you find a broken link? Please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll add them when I get a chance. I check the comments a few times a week.


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