About Jon

Knowledge & Accountability

Jon Sterling is the owner of espatriati.com, which helps people invest in real estate outside of their home countries (which was more fun when airplanes were still flying across the Atlantic Ocean on a regular basis). He has worked in real estate on three continents so far, and currently splits his time between Tbilisi, Georgia and Los Cabos, Mexico where he runs a luxury real estate sales business at sterlingluxe.com


Jon has been involved in the real estate business as an agent, broker-owner, sales manager and investor. He also serves as a business coach to some of the top-performing real estate agents and brokers in the US and UK. 


As an extension of his primary business, he has published a handful of guides that provide clear and concise instructions on how to relocate to various countries. The guides can be found at espatriati.com/books/ and they are also available on Amazon. One of them instantly became a bestseller (Portugal).


Feel free to get in touch with any questions about coaching or training classes for yourself or your company.